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While we specialize in eBooks we also have a growing number of previoiusly out-of-print classic Christian books for sale in regular Print editions.
Note that these are NOT just scanned copies (as you might find elsewhere), but properly edited and high quality new publications.

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william booth, the seven spirits
General William Booth (1829-1912), the founder of the Salvation Army, was a powerful leader and passionate preacher whose life has influenced millions. This excellent book is a series of addresses he gave to his Officers in 1904 where he bares his heart, sharing seven key truths for effective ministry:• The Spirit of Divine Life
• The Spirit of Holiness
• The Spirit of Devotion
• The Spirit of Light
• The Spirit of War
• The Spirit of Faith
• The Spirit of Burning Love
This book will challenge you out of complacency and into wholehearted zeal and service for the Lord. Passionate, personal and just as practical today as when it was first given!




amy carmichael, from sunrise land
Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) served in India for over 50 years and is well-known for her work rescuing children from temple prostitution as well as her inspirational missionary writings. This, the first of her many writings, documents her early missionary work in Japan. Get a glimpse of the struggles and victories she faced as she brought the love and light of Jesus to many. You will be encouraged, challenged and inspired as you read of the impact and legacy that Amy Carmichael and her team had in Japan! Illustrated throughout by Amy’s original drawings! Approximately 280 pages.amy carmichael, from sunrise land


amy carmichael, from sunrise land
One of her earlier writings, “Made in the Pans” contains over ninety of her poems and songs. Compiled in 1917 it shares her passion for the things of God, her heart on the struggles faced in ministry, as well as moving reflections on the outbreak of World War I.amy carmichael, made in the pans


amy carmichael, from sunrise land
NOR SCRIP is a detailed account of how the Lord provided financially for Amy Carmichael and those she cared for, especially during the years of the first world war. Written in her easy-to-read style, this account is full of answers to prayer and stories of God’s provision! You will be encouraged, challenged and inspired as you read of the impact and legacy that Amy Carmichael and her team had in India!.amy carmichael, made in the pans


amy carmichael, from sunrise land
“PONNAMAL: Her Story” is the touching account of one of Amy’s faithful helpers in her mission. A young widow, Ponnamal is used mightily to reach others for Christ and to care for the children rescued from being ‘married to the gods.’ (17 chapters).amy carmichael, made in the pans




  SKETCHES OF JEWISH SOCIAL LIFE IN THE DAYS OF CHRISTalfred edersheim, sketches of jewish social life in the days of ChristIn this classic work, Alfred Edersheim (1825 –1889) provides a glimpse into the life, customs and traditions of everyday Jewish life of the first century. Edersheim himself was a Messianic Jew and gives great insights from historical sources, Jewish tradition and teaching. He was a well-known pastor and scholar, ministering in Scotland and England. He is also famous for his books “The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah” and “The Temple, Its Ministry and Services.” • Includes 19 chapters that cover a wide variety of topics such as: Jewish Land, Upbringing of children, Education, Women, Death, Trade and Commerce, Pharisees, Sadducees, Synagogues, etc.




george muller, Jehovah Magnified addresses
George Muller (1805-1898) was a man of prayer and courage who through faith established orphanages and schools for thousands of children in England in the 1800’s. He was also well known for his preaching, teaching and missionary work. His life and legacy has been an inspiration to countless thousands of Christians worldwide! JEHOVAH MAGNIFIED contains over 30 Bible Studies and sermons that George Muller preached. His passion for the Lord and his deep insights into the Word of God will be sure to inspire your faith and stir your heart!




  THE SPIRITUAL LIFEandrew murray, the spiritual life, revival
ANDREW MURRAY was a famous pastor, writer and conference speaker during the 19th century. His insightful, Biblical writings have incredible depth and are still treasured today. THE SPIRITUAL LIFE is a rare gem that deals with walking in the Spirit, overcoming hindrances and abiding in Christ. A true classic!




amy carmichael, from sunrise land
“LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS” were talks given to pastors studying in Spurgeon’s College and are full of his passion, wit and wisdom. It has been said that these Lectures were possibly Spurgeon’s “greatest single contribution to the Christian world. There is more practical wisdom, common sense and sage advice packed within these pages than with any other book of similar size or content.”This edition includes:
• The original and unabridged 28 chapters from his Lectures, Volumes 1-3.
Also includes chapters 29 and 30 from Vol 4, which contains Spurgeon’s valuable thoughts on Commentaries!Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a British minister known as the “Prince of Preacher’s” whose writings are considered classics and are still in high-demand today. He preached to over 10 million people in his lifetime and published thousands of sermons, besides starting a College for Pastors as well as orphanages for boys and girls.amy carmichael, from sunrise land



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