Revival and moves of God throughout history

Find great books and articles on historical revivals below, listed in alphabetical order

1. ARGENTINA Revival
3. Cane Ridge Revival (Kentucky, early 1800’s)
4. Revivals in CHINA
5. Great Awakening – 1857-1858

6. Revival in HAWAII

7. HEBRIDES Revival (1949)

8. Revivals in INDIA

9. Revivals in KOREA

10. MORAVIAN Revival (1727)

11. WELSH Revival (1904-5)


Listed by Last Name
Bonnke, Reinhard:
Booth, William:
Bounds, E.M. :
Campbell, Duncan: 
Edwards, Jonathan:
Finney, Charles: 
McCheyne, Robert Murray:
Murray, Andrew: 
Orr, J. Edwin: 
Pratney, Winkie:
Ravenhill, Leonard:
Riss, Richard:
Smith, Oswald J. :
> “The Passion for Souls”  (an extract)
> “The Revival We Need”   (the ENTIRE book)
Spurgeon, Charles:
Studd, C.T. : 
Tozer, A.W. :
Wallis, Arthur:
Wesley, John:
Whitefield, George:

NEW: Leonard Ravenhill biography at:

Leonard Ravenhill is one of the few men I’ve ever known who was a true prophet. I am delighted someone is finally writing this book. – David Wilkerson – 
Wigglesworth, Smith: 
> “Faith That Prevails”   (7 chapters)
> “Ever Increasing Faith”   (Online Book, Table of Contents)