Jowett, J.H.

 J. H. Jowett’s book “THE PASSION FOR SOULS” is included in:


AUTHOR: Moody, Spurgeon, Torrey, Brengle, Bonar, Jowett
Formats Available:

 Kindle eBook

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EVANGELISM AND THE SOUL WINNER is a powerful collection of some of the greatest classic writings on evangelism, witnessing and seeking the lost. Be challenged and inspired by Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, R. A. Torrey, Samuel Brengle and others who have experienced revival and moves of God first-hand!
* This is not a cheap scanned copy, but a fully searchable and formatted collection!

Includes the FULL text of:
• WORDS TO WINNERS OF SOULS – by Horatius Bonar (1877). 5 Chapters.
• TO THE WORK! TO THE WORK! – by D. L. Moody (1884). 9 Chapters.
• HOW TO BRING MEN TO CHRIST – by R. A. Torrey (1893). 13 Chapters.
• THE SOUL WINNER – by Charles Spurgeon (1895). 15 Chapters.
• THE SOUL WINNER’S SECRET – by Samuel Brengle (1900). 19 Chapters.
• EVANGELISM – by G. Campbell Morgan (1904). 5 Chapters.
• THE PASSION FOR SOULS – by J. H. Jowett (1905). 7 Chapters.

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