Classic Christian Authors

Number of works by/about in brackets

  1. Allen, Roland
  2. Bartleman, Frank  (5)
  3. Baxter, Richard  (4)
  4. Bonar, Andrew
  5. Bonar, Horatius (2)
  6. Booth, Catherine  (10)
  7. Booth, William  (15)
  8. Bounds, E.M.
  9. Brainerd, David
  10. Brengle, Samuel Logan  (6)
  11. Brother Lawrence
  12. Bunyan, John
  13. Carey, William (2)
  14. Carmichael, Amy  (13)
  15. Chadwick, Samuel
  16. Dodd, Thomas
  17. Drummond, Henry  (5)
  18. DuPlessis, Johannes
  19. Edersheim, Alfred (3)
  20. Edwards, Jonathan  (8)free chirstian books
  21. Finney, Charles  (15)
  22. Fish, Henry Clay
  23. Goforth, Rosalind
  24. Green, Richard
  25. Gregory the Great
  26. Guyon, Madame Jeanne  (7)
  27. Hurst, John Fletcher
  28. Jowett, J. H.
  29. Kempis, Thomas
  30. Law, William  (17)
  31. Livingstone, David  (5)
  32. Livingston-Hill, Grace (26)
  33. Luther, Martin (35)
  34. McCheyne, Robert Murray
  35. Moody, D. L.  (25)
  36. Morgan, G Campbell  (25)
  37. Muller, George  (5)
  38. Murray, Andrew  (50)
  39. Owen, John (55)
  40. Paton, John
  41. Penn-Lewis, Jessie
  42. Pierson, A.T.
  43. Railton, G.S.
  44. Ramsay, William  (3)
  45. Ryle, J. C.
  46. Seymour, William
  47. Sheldon, Charles
  48. Simpson, A.B.  (50)
  49. Smith, George  (2)
  50. Smith, Gipsy (6)free chirstian books
  51. Smith, Hannah Whitall
  52. Smith, Oswald J
  53. Spurgeon, Charles  (3)
  54. St Augustine
  55. St Benedict
  56. St Bernard of Clairvaux
  57. St Catherine of Siena
  58. St Francis
  59. St Ignatius
  60. St John of the Cross
  61. St Patrick
  62. St Teresa Avila
  63. Stanley, Henry
  64. Stead, W.T.
  65. Taylor, Hudson  (7)
  66. Taylor, Jeremy
  67. Torrey, R. A.  (20)
  68. Twelve Apostles
  69. Tyerman, Luke
  70. Wesley, John  (6)
  71. Zwemer, Samuel  (14)


Classic Christian authors

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“What has exceedingly hurt you in time past, nay, and I fear to this day, is want of reading.

I scarce ever knew a preacher read so little. And perhaps, by neglecting it, you have lost the taste for it. Hence your talent in preaching does not increase. It is just the same as it was seven years ago. It is lively, but not deep; there is little variety, there is no compass of thought. Reading only can supply this, with meditation and daily prayer. You wrong yourself greatly by omitting this. You can never be a deep preacher without it, any more than a thorough Christian.

O begin! Fix some part of every day for private exercises. You may acquire the taste which you have not: what is tedious at first, will afterwards be pleasant.

Whether you like it or no, read and pray daily. It is for your life; there is no other way; else you will be a trifler all your days, and a petty, superficial preacher. Do justice to your own soul; give it time and means to grow. Do not starve yourself any longer. Take up your cross and be a Christian altogether. Then will all children of God rejoice (not grieve) over you in particular.”

– John Wesley to pastor John Premboth, on August 17, 1760.


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