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Classic Christian eBooks exists to bring you the best of the classics at an affordable price!
Our motto is: Bringing you much more, for much less!

Our ultimate goal is to:

1. Edify, Strengthen and Challenge the church to be a bright light in a dark world.  To that end, many of our books are focused on Prayer, Revival and Missions!

2. To support missions work around the world.  At least 50% of all revenue from our books goes towards furthering evangelical mission-work across the globe.  So when you purchase our classic books not only are you getting awesome material at a great price, you’re also helping to reach the lost in some of the darkest places on earth!







Classic Christian eBooks exists to bring you the best of the classics at an affordable price!  Our mission is to bring you much more, for much less!

Unlike some of those “free Christian books” you can find online, our Classic Christian eBooks are superbly formatted and contain linked Table-of-Contents making it easy to navigate on your eReader.  These are not cheap scans, but are edited and fully searchable texts.

Like you, we appreciate not only savings, but quality and so we aim to bring you the best in spiritually uplifting reading from some of the great’s in Christian history.  Check out the many books we have by Charles Spurgeon, George Muller, Amy Carmichael, Charles Finney, D. L. Moody, John Wesley and many, many more!  For a fraction of the cost of regular classic Christian books, you get a slew of great reading that will both edify and challenge you in your spiritual walk!

4 comments to About Us

  • Brent Phillips  says:

    I just purchased the Works of G. Campbell Morgan — Volume I … Where/When is Volume II coming out? I think that Morgan is one of the best expository writers and preachers ever. I really, really look forward to having you publish ALL of his masterful works for the Kindle. Thank you for what you have done so far. So, when is volume 2 coming out? God bless you!

  • Wayne Kraus  says:

    Thank you for making all these great books available at such incredibly low prices!

  • W Nilsson  says:

    What is the proper bibliographic reference for these books, such as Lectures To My Students (Vol 1-4, Illustrated). Who is the publisher?

    • admin  says:

      Great question. It really depends on what style you need to reference it as (ie: MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc). For examples see: https://libguides.madisoncollege.edu/ereaders/citingebooks
      For all our books, the publisher is “ClassicChristianEbooks.com” If you scroll down to the “Product Details” line on Amazon you can find the publication date of our edition. Hope this helps!

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