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William Booth on the importance of Leadership

(From his fascinating book, “The Seven Spirits”)


“IF THE OFFICER is a coward, those whom he commands will be cowards. If he is holy, they will be holy.  If he is a man of resistless courage and daring, they will be like him.  Our responsibility for success or failure is therefore enormous. Where we are successful we are not only gaining victories to-day, but making the conquerors of the future.  Let us remember—we shall have to give an account of our stewardship; we are passing over, one by one, to that great Tribunal…The words, “Behold I come quickly,” are ever sounding in my ears.”
The Seven Spirits” is an excellent series of addresses William Booth gave to his Officers in 1904 where he bares his heart, sharing seven key truths for effective ministry:
• The Spirit of Divine Life
• The Spirit of Holiness
• The Spirit of Devotion
• The Spirit of Light
• The Spirit of War
• The Spirit of Faith
• The Spirit of Burning Love

This is an amazing book that will challenge you out of complacency and into wholehearted zeal and service for the Lord. Passionate, personal and just as practical today as when it was first given!


Books by William Booth

Purity of Heart, The Seven Spirits, Darkest England and the Way Out, The Training of Children, Authoritative Life of William Booth

AUTHOR: William Booth
Formats Available:

 Kindle eBook

 Kobo/Sony eBook


William Booth (1829-1912), the founder of the Salvation Army, was a powerful leader and passionate preacher whose life has influenced millions.

Included in this Collection are the full texts of his best-loved writings as well as his official biography:
• Purity of Heart (10 chapters).
• The Seven Spirits (8 chapters)
• In Darkest England and the Way Out (17+ chapters)
• The Training of Children (35 chapters)
• The Authoritative Life of General William Booth (28 chapters). The official biography by G. S. Railton (1849 – 1913).

This fantastic volume will challenge you out of complacency and into wholehearted zeal and service for the Lord as you sense the passion and devotion of the first Salvation Army workers!

NOTE: William Booth’s book “The Seven Spirit’s” also available as a single on Kindle here.



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