Reasons Why I Don’t Use Soap

Reasons why I don’t use soap: 

  1. Because I was forced to use soap in childhood
  2. Those who use soap are hypocrites, they think they’re cleaner than everyone else.
  3. Because nobody taught me how to use soap in my childhood
  4. I only use soap for special holidays – Christmas and Easter
  5. None of my friends use soap.
  6. I’ll begin to use soap when I get old and dirty
  7. I just don’t have time for using soap
  8. Soap manufacturers are just out to make money.
  9. I’m clean enough without using soap.
  10. All the wars in the world are because of soap.
  11. Science proved long ago that no soap, even the most perfect kind, gets rid of every molecule of dirt. So washing is not rational and soap only serves as “opium for the dirty.”
  12. Compared to other people, I’m not that dirty.
  13. It’s not right to teach children to use soap from childhood. When they grow up they can decide for themselves whether they want to use soap.
  14. I’ll only wash with soap when I fully understand it from a scientific point of view.
  15. I was turned off of soap by those selling it on TV.
  16. I tried to wash once, but then I got dirty again.
  17. I don’t believe dirt really exists.
  18. I don’t believe soap really exists.
  19. Soap is only for old people who have nothing else to do.
  20. Soap is just a crutch.

We found and translated the above from a Russian website and added a few more of our own as well 🙂

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